Creating Great Expectations in Your Prospects

by Lou

If you think that just stringing a bunch of NLP language patterns together (A.K.A. “stacking”), you will be able to persuade somebody to your point of view or action quickly and easily,…

You’d be quite wrong. In fact, what you need to do—and here is where NLP language patterns can help immensely—is to change a person’s emotional state.

And one great state to elicit in somebody is EXPECTATION.

Expectation is the anticipation of an experience that is going to occur in the future.

These days people have come to expect experiences that are part theatrical, part fascinating…and always extraordinary.

This is where you need to create a fantasy where your prospect becomes the hero and is able to get whatever he or she wants (and where you can help them be that hero). You need to create a story that future paces your promise to them, that uses all the senses (VAKGO*).

You start off by meeting them where they are, empathizing with them and their problem state then, through empathy and your future pacing story, you lead them to where you want them to go.

Once you are clear on what special experience they want to have, you can easily create it.

You will persuade them when you enter the fantasy and meet their expectations. When someone experiences their fantasy coming true (with your help of course), they will be thrilled. It is that thrilling emotional state that stays with them, that drives them to return to you, that causes them to tell their friends, colleagues and family about it…to convince others to experience what they did.

So think of the fantasy your prospect wants. How can you or what you are offering enter that fantasy? What sort of story can you create, a story where you empathize with them and then lead to where you want them to go?

* In NLP jargon VAKGO means Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (feelings), Gustatory (taste), Olfactory (smell).

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