Generating Useful Parts in People

by Lou

Here’s a technique you can use to alter someone’s personality. It’s called, “Embedding a Part.” It’s quite easy to use and very effective.

If you have done any studying of NLP, you would have come across the concept of internal “parts.” These parts can affect your mood, beliefs and behavior. Parts can be good or bad (depending on the meaning you give them). So on the positive side, you can have a creative part of you, a confident part of you. On the negative side, you might have a shy part or an anger part.

What sort of part or parts would you like to give somebody else? How about Confidence? Intelligent buyer? Fascination? Connection? There must be hundreds of different parts you can use.

There are four steps:

1. Name the part…

2. Explain it or expand on it…

3. Say how you saw it manifest in their behavior…

4. Mention how you like people like that (or compliment).

Steps 3 and 4 are actually optional. But they are definitely reinforcers (It’s called “Shaping;” you can find out more about that on my blog).

Here are some examples:

“There’s a part of you that is fascinated with blogs like this. You realize that the information in them can help you immensely in all areas of your life. That why you signed up to receive them. And I think that’s great.”

Here’s one that could be used in a business opportunity advertisement (or in an introduction for a book):

“Inside your mind, there’s a part of you that is entrepreneurial. It’s that part of you that can generate incredible money-making ideas AND take action on them. That’s why you are reading this now. And I congratulate you.”

Another word you can use instead of “part” is “side.” For example:

“There’s a confident side of you…”

“There’s a side of you that is highly motivated…”

Think of the people you are trying to influence. What sort of part (or parts) would be useful in installing in them? Using the above frames, come up with some examples you can use in your advertising, presentations, or conversationally.


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