Change the Direction of Someone’s Thoughts

by Lou

I’d like to show you a language pattern that can help you in several ways. If you’re selling something and your customer has an objection, you can use this pattern to get him or her off the objection and onto the benefits.

If you are debating someone and they are stuck on a point you’d rather not talk about, you can use this pattern.

If someone is complaining to you, and you’d like to change the subject, use this pattern.

As you can see, this pattern has a wide variety of uses, especially in conversation-style communication such as face-to-face, emails, chats and more.

Here’s the pattern:



The issue isn’t (THEIR POINT), but (YOUR POINT)…

Here’s an example of this pattern. Let’s say I’m talking a creative director at an advertising agency in New York who wants me to give a workshop to her copywriters and other creatives at the agency. The conversation might go like this:

SHE: That’s kind of expensive for a two-day workshop.

ME: The issue isn’t how expensive this work shop I;, it’s about how much happier your clients are going to be with very effective copywriters.

See how that works?

Here’s another example. Say two people are arguing over the use of armed, unmanned drone airplanes used in warfare. The person using this pattern might say something similar to this if he or she was against the use of drones.

“The issue isn’t that drones are an effective anti-terrorism weapon, but they are killing innocent civilians and creating MORE militants.”

Can you think about where, when and how you will be using this pattern?


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