Getting Prospects Emotionally Involved

by Lou

In Copywriting and Sales 101, we learn that people buy on emotion (but convince themselves with reason and logic). The usually way to excite the emotions and get someone to buy is by making a big promise, piling on additional benefits and then backing it up with proof (like satisfied customer testimonials for example).

And this is great if you are writing long direct response copy or giving a lengthy sales presentation.

But what do you do when you have limited space for your ad, such as a classified ad or catalog copy?

Luckily, there is an NLP language pattern that invokes the emotional state you want and presupposes that your reader/listener/viewer will do what you want. It’s very simple to use, here it is:

Think of how (POSITIVE EMOTION) you’ll feel when you (finally) (WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO or THINK or THEIR OUTCOME).

And some examples:

• “Think of how happy you’ll feel when you finally have a beautiful lawn.”

• “Think of how relieved you’ll feel when you leave our office.” (Possibly for a dentist)

• “Think of how amazing you and your family will feel when you move into this house.”

Think of the type of emotion(s) you would like your recipients to feel. Make a list. And then, using the frame above, put in how they can reach their outcome by doing what you want them to do.

Putting the word “finally” in the pattern is especially useful when their outcome might be difficult (such as losing weight or quitting smoking) and they’ve tried many things before your product or service came along.

You can alter this pattern and make by including a negative emotion and adding a third person or group. For example,

• “Think of how envious your neighbors will feel when they see you driving this car.”

• “Think of how annoyed your co-workers will feel when they see you wearing this.”

Of course you can use this language pattern in long sales presentations or direct response copywriting. I’d include it toward the end before you ask for the sale.

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