How to Write Landing Page Copy in 10 Minutes

by Lou

Writing short, very persuasive copy QUICKLY for a landing page is a quite a problem for many marketers.

Fortunately, however, these individuals and small business don’t have to suffer from brain-freeze and the blank white screen-of-death once they know how to knock out compelling copy, the kind of copy that turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

That’s what you’ll learn about in article.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to crystallize the essence of your offer that will practically have your visitors drooling with desire. And you’ll also find out how to do this quickly and painlessly.

So, without further introduction, let’s jump in with a discussion of what your landing page copy is supposed to do…

I’m assuming you know your audience, you know what they want, and you know what to offer them that helps them reach a highly coveted goal or Desired State, right?

If you know those three things, you have everything you need to get started.

First, brainstorm a list of EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT of your offer. From the main promise, to the hidden benefits, to its other uses, to how your visitors will feel when they get or use your offer. Will your offer help them to make money, save money, feel secure, get them out of pain, impress others, be part of a special group, fight a common enemy, gain pleasure, etc.? If you know most of them already, you can do this in just a few minutes.

Second, go to any search engine, and type in “copywriting headline templates.” There are plenty of websites that offer classic (because they’re effective) fill-in-the-blank headline templates. Choose one you like.

Third, choose the most compelling benefits from the list you made in the first step and turn them into bullet points.

Fourth, use an NLP Language Pattern to create your CTA (“Call To Action”). This blog you’re reading now has tons of examples you can use to get people to act: presuppositions, embedded commands, linguistic binds, Milton Model patterns, etc.

So, your finished landing page copy would be like this:

  1. Headline

  2. Bullet Points

  3. A Call to Action

And there you have it. A simple method to create landing page copy that gets people to sign up. You might want to practice this technique with things you have around the house to see how you can make something basic like a pencil or a spatula more enticing.

If you’re interested in learning more secrets of creating highly converting landing pages used by successful businesses and individuals out in the field, click here.

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