The Zen of Landing Page Basics

by Lou

Sometimes I come across landing pages that are so cluttered it’s almost impossible to find out what is really being offered. Then I come across other landing pages that aren’t really offering anything, just a non-descript, “Sign Up For Our Newsletter.” No benefits. No reasons why. Nothing compelling.

What you need to do is strike a balance between too much and too little.

What’s your landing page like? Is it “too quiet” or “too loud”? Can you strike a balance between the both? How do you want your visitors to feel when they come to your landing page? Delighted? Surprise? Hope? Can you do that in the simplest way possible?

When we modeled successful landing pages, we came up with three elements that are on every one:

  1. Very light on graphics. The most successful had graphics for what they were offering, an ebook cover for example, no stock photos of people (too distracting and they don’t make a point).

  2. Just enough copy to get them to sign up. Add some psychological motivators like NLP Language Patterns. And since what you are offering should be something for free, you don’t need pages and pages of copy as you would selling a $997 course.

  3. A form where they can put in their first name and email address. Asking for more information, especially last names, addresses, etc., generally reduces response.

Simple. Effective. Smooth.

Now that you’re at the end of this post, you’re just minutes away from the feeling of calm motivation as you visualize what your perfect landing page will look like. It’s the first step.

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