Here’s Scientific Proof You Need Proof in Your Advertising.

by Lou

I came across an article in the Tech Insider the other day that I thought you might find interesting. Its title is “How to convince people of something”. As you know, offering proof in your sales messages is vitally important, especially if you are making bold claims.
This article states that even adding scientific babble to your claims can convince and motivate people to do what you want.

“If you want to convince someone that your explanation for something is the best way to explain it, you might want to tack on some useless (though accurate) information from a tangentially related scientific field.

It turns out that when you tack on additional information from a respected field of study, people think that makes an explanation more credible.”

Read the rest of the article on TECH INSIDER here.

One thing author Kevin Loria pointed out was that saying “psychological studies have said…” is less reliable than other scientific evidence. One way around that would be to replace “psychological studies” with “a study in neuroscience…” Problem solved.

As a side note, they have a great photo of Don Draper, the creative director/copywriter from the television program Mad Men explaining something to his client. If I remember correctly, he used a lot of “evidence” to convince clients.


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