Let’s take customers through time to reach YOUR compelling outcome

by Lou

You’re going to love this next language pattern. You’ll find a plenty of uses in your business, personal life and advertisements.

What would happen if we could take the people we communicate with through a journey through time? We will put them in a light conversational trance and put them through emotional states that you’d like them to experience.

This language pattern is a little different from the typical Pace Current Experience to Future Pace we have in NLP. This “Back From The Future” pattern goes something like this:

Future > Present > Past.

Here’s how the pattern goes (in three steps):

1. “You are going to (ANTICIPATORY POSITIVE EMOTION) what I show/tell/bring/do for you.”

2. “You are really seeing (SOMETHING UNIQUE, FIRST TIME, USP, EXPERIENCING).” Or, “You want to experience (POSITIVE STATE), right?” Or, “I’m taking care of everything.”

3. “You loved/liked/enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Or, “I took care of everything, didn’t I?” Or, “I answered all your questions, didn’t I?”

You really seeing how effective this pattern is, don’t you? Its applications are endless: in convert hypnosis, business presentations, sales letters, videos, podcasts.

The trick is not to use the steps too soon after each one. They should flow into the presentation, conversation, or sales script. The pattern lies in the BEFORE (1 – Creating anticipation); DURING (2 – Pacing and leading them into state [by the way, this is a good step to apply Social Proof or Scarcity]- “You are really looking at a very majestic house that dozens of people have looked at this week.”]); AFTER (3 – Anchoring a state. States can include any positive emotions such as satisfaction, anticipation, and trust).

Here’s an example (bearing in mind that the pattern presented here would be part of a “normal” conversation:

“You and your family are going to just love this house…Everything about it: the cozy feel, the security, the location…You are really experiencing something special. So, you like it so far? (EMBEDDED COMMANDS CAN BE ADDED TO THIS PATTERN). I’ve showed this house to several couples already, and they think it’s just fantastic…You loved it too, right? It had (MORE BENEFITS + THEIR CRITERIA & VALUES), didn’t it?”

You like how easy and powerful this sequential pattern is, don’t you? You can see yourself using it in your marketing material successfully, right? You loved how easily it will fit into YOUR communications, didn’t you?


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