Covertly Creating Desire

by Lou

I’d like to show you a powerful language pattern that combines a Modal Operator of Possibility with a presupposition that creates in the recipient, as Dale Cargnegie would say, an eager want.

This pattern is especially useful if you are in sales and copywriting as you are usually offering your prospects and customers a big promise or relief from pain anyway.

Here’s the pattern: If I could (PROMISE/BENEFIT/RELIEF FROM PAIN) where/what/how much would it be/would you be happy with?

And here are some examples:

  • “If I could get you a dream vacation in the tropics for under a thousand dollars, where would it be?” (A travel agent could use this one.)
  • “If I could show you how to set up your own home business in one day, how much money would you be happy to earn in one month?”
  • “If I could find you your dream house, what would it be like?”

This pattern is great in that it has the person thinking and visualizing in the direction you want them to go.

You could face some resistance with this pattern; I’m talking about objections. So make sure you have your proof in place before you use this pattern.

Now, if I could show you some digital products that would make you more money, become more eloquent in your speech and make your writing more persuasive, where would they be?

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