Half Life Framing (to increase sales)

by Lou

The Counter Example is a powerful form of reframing. This is where we try to find an example from someone’s past in order to show that their limiting belief isn’t as generalized as once thought.

Counter Example reframing relies on a person’s past experiences to bring them into a more empowering or useful state.

A recent reframe created by Darryl Howrie goes into the future to change states or beliefs. It’s called Half Life Framing.

Half Life Framing takes its name from radioactive material where it loses its strength over time. This language pattern is applied to a person’s dis-empowering beliefs, actions, or identity.

So, if a person says, “We’ve done it before and it didn’t work.” You could say, “How long will you hold on to the belief that trying something again results in failure?”

Possible frames:

* How long will you hold on to the belief/idea/that (THEIR BELIEF).?

* For how long __________________?

* When are you going to give up on the belief/idea that ___________?

The last one is very good in that it presupposes that the person will give up the belief.

To soften the frame, you can start off with a compliment, a story, even with the Meta-Frame SOM pattern: “I know you’re trying to help the company in the best way you can and not waste everybody’s time, and how long are you going to hold on to the idea that we can’t….?”


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