Covert Hypnosis Pattern: State Elicitation

by Lou

You know how important state change is in influence and NLP, right? And how the most influential members of society–people like politicians, musicians, actors, etc. are the greatest state changers and can change the emotional states of large groups of people at the same time?

No matter what your occupation, you get the greatest results by changing someone’s state. If you are a sales person, you get the best results by inducing prospective customers into buying states; lawyers can get juries into compassionate states; comedians get audiences into states of humor (obviously). And the list goes on…

So, what states of mind do you want the person you’re trying to influence to go into. What’s the name of this emotional state? Confidence? Relaxation? Responsibility? Fascination?

Next think of a time when YOU were in this state. Think of it in sensory rich descriptions. What you saw, what you heard, what you felt (and what you smelled or tasted if it applies to what you’re trying to do). The reason I say for you to do this is that you’ll be describing your experience to the person you want to influence.

Now what do you want to link this state to? Yourself? A car in your lot? A piece of property or a house?

Richard Bandler did this very elegantly. He was teaching a seminar, and he had the participants raise their hands if they hated mathematics. Several of them did. He told them to close their eyes. He then elicited a state of joy of learning (in another subject) and other positive states. While they were doing that with their eyes closed. He drew a complicated mathematical formula on the board in front of the group. After they were in state, he had them open their eyes and look at the formula. The participants who were once afraid of math looked at the equation on the board and saw it in a new light. So to what do you want to link the state you elicited?

There are many ways to change a person’s state. Since this is a newsletter on language patterns, I would like to show you one of them.

The pattern goes like this:

Have you ever (STATE)? + (EXAMPLE) + (ANCHOR)

For a buying state, I might use this example:

“Have you ever been really excited to buy something.?Like the time you read a description on a menu you just said to yourself, ‘that sounds delicious’ and you had to have it…and you did. Or you received a sales letter, you opened it. It intrigued you, fascinated you. As you read, you got more and more excited, your heart beat faster, you saw yourself succeeding with the product, you said to yourself, “I have to have this. This is just what I need!”

Have you ever been really excited about using a new persuasion technique? Like the time you were reading or listening to a powerful speech, and you said to yourself, “I wish I can persuade like that.” Then you realized there are books, blogs, audio programs and videos that will allow you to do just that. And when you stop reading this blog post, you’ll know exactly what to do. And it feels great, doesn’t it?

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