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“Super Sales Copy for App Developers” reveals exactly how to generate a constant flow of potential customers ready to do business with you NOW.

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“Super Sales Copy for App Developers” packs  years of successful experience in direct response advertising into an info-rich, practical ebook. In this report you’ll discover:

  • How to hook a prospective app buyer right when he or she gets to the sales page…

  • What is the most profitable way to create a compelling description?

  • How to draw prospects into your screenshots and slideshows and subliminally persuade them to become enthusiastic about your app…

  • One small thing you can overlook that will doom your app sales to failure…

  • Techniques to create irresistible videos that will have prospects clicking on the “Install” button…

  • How to create videos for low or no cost

  • The best way to add persuasive, hypnotic NLP Language Patterns to your sales page…

  • What apps, besides games, sell the most…

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