Catalog Copy (Special Report #1)

Proven product description secrets revealed by marketing pros who use irresistible catalog copywriting to make their products fly off the shelves…

“How To Write Compelling Catalog Copy So Good, It Will Have Customers Drooling to Have What You’re Selling!”

Discover How You Can Arouse Strong Desires In Any Prospect Quickly. . . They Will Be EAGER To Buy From You…Even If They’ve Never Heard Of You Before!

>>> How would you like to:

• Discover the emotional motivators that will get people to buy from you more enthusiastically (Most sellers don’t do this and yet with a few simple “tricks,” you can UP the customer’s buying temperature)…

Differentiate your business, your catalog, and your products so everything you sell seems unique and special (Consumers LOVE anything that is different and novel. You can do this even if you are selling nuts and bolts!)…

• Find (and use) the Deeper Benefits of what you’re selling to really get your customers’ mouths watering and make them crave your offerings.

• Find and use the Hidden Benefits of your products. (This is what your customers REALLY want out of your products. Their deepest desires. It’s something they don’t really want others to know, but you will…after you read this report.)

• Create emotional scenarios where you Future Pace your customers and get them to experience using your product as soon as possible…

Access the mental processes of your customers that manage, guide and direct their minds and actions. (This is a secret only a few super sales people and copywriters REALLY know how to use to their best advantage.)…

• How to get customers to pay what you’re asking…even if they think the price is out of their range.

This new, completely up-to-date special report, “Quick & Easy Powerful Catalog Copyreveals to you a simple but powerful system successful businesses have used to produce millions of dollars in sales during the past half century…and especially since the start of the Internet.

In it you’ll discover ways to write about your products that will generate a stream of hot prospects eager to do business with you TODAY!

This Is Your “Key” To Business Success…

Obviously, you must have a continuous flow of money-paying customers and a good selection of products (or services) to be successful in business. Lack of sales is the biggest single reason for business failure. “Quick & Easy Powerful Catalog Copy” reveals exactly how to generate interest in customers ready to do business with you NOW.

Once you’ve discovered how to press their hot buttons, you’ll never again have to worry about selling to people again.

This simplified “workshop in an eBook” takes you step-by-step through all the details of forging catalog copy that really strikes a nerve with your potential customers.

Not only that, this report also comes with fill-in-the-blank templates and frames so you can get started right away formulating your own persuasive descriptions of your products.

This special report is presented in simple, easy to understand language, you’ll discover the psychology and motivations of what gets people to buy from catalogs even after only reading brief descriptions.

Once you’ve discovered how to press their hot buttons, you’ll never again have to worry about selling to people again.

Whether you sell from your own catalog (in book form, CDs, or on the Internet), fliers & handouts, classified ads, eBay, Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace, Craigslist…

…or you may want more exposure and sell your products through other companies’ catalogs (online and off). This is a great way to reach a larger target audience…and create multiple, hands-off income streams.

Once you master persuasive catalog copywriting, You’ll truly possess “the key to business success”.

The price it cost to develop Quick & Easy Powerful Catalog Copy is worth thousands if not millions of dollars worth of testing and tweaking and experimenting. For a limited time only, you can get this special report for only $7. That’s less than the price of a trade paperback.

This report comes with all the information you need PLUS fill-in-the-blank templates and frames so you can get started right away.

Here’s your chance to have your products flying off the shelves, your PayPal account in the triple digits, quadruple digits, who knows? Maybe more…all in one day. Imagine waking up, checking your PayPal or merchant account and seeing that you’ve made dozens or even hundreds of sales all in one night! Fantastic. THAT is the power of words and the psychological principles behind them…

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