How to Create Persuasive Sponsored Content

Are you having problems getting your advertising read and acted upon?

You Won’t Find These Advertising Secrets Anywhere Else: Here’s A Sneaky Way to Insert Your Sales Pitch into Content Your Prospects Will Love (and Buy!)

Keep reading to find ot the secrets of what the world’s most successful advertisers and copywriters know about creating effective and persuasive sponsored content that you don’t (but really need to)…

By Lou Larsen

Do you remember the first time you put up a website using the techniques and words that you were taught somewhere and how disappointed you were with the results? Well, you’re not alone. As a copywriter, I have dozens of people contact me every year wondering why their sales page isn’t converting visitors to sales.

When I visit their websites, I can usually tell immediately what the problem is: often it’s flaws in the design (light gray font on a white background…very difficult to read), to lots of clutter (confusing), to a lack of a call to action.

But the biggest problem I’ve found was that many of these small businesses were copying the techniques of a few internet marketers. Their sales pitch mimicked the feel and words of these hyper-BS websites.

And that’s the problem, your advertising is being ignored. It’s possible your ad contains too much hype. Your website visitors can smell the BS a mile away. They are looking for information, but you are offering a sales letter. They know. They take one look at that and click away.

The people who are teaching you how to write advertising, how to write ad copy are only showing you a way that is successful for certain types of markets: business opportunities, internet marketing, etc. This type of hype does work. Damn, I’ve used it for certain markets, but it’s not effective for every market.

Although the idea of an “advertorial” has been around for the last 30 to 40 years, most advertisers don’t know how to pull it off. An advertorial is an ad made to look like an article. You have seen them many times in magazines, I’m sure: You turn to a page and see what looks like an article only to see the slug “ADVERTISMENT” above it.

To answer this need, I have created a special report on how to create sales copy, video scripts, and presentations and weave cutting-edge persuasion techniques, some of which have just recently been discovered and codified.

Imagine this: You put out some content. Could be an article, video or audio. People are intrigued with what you have to offer. They trust you. Then, they do what you want. . .They enthusiastically follow your Call to Action. They want to buy from you. They want to do business with you. How amazing would that be?

And get this. If you have articles or scripts written already, you can just add the cutting-edge Persuasion Elements I show you in this report to make your content a super-sales machine.

Once you download this How to Create Persuasive Sponsored Content report today, you will…

♦ Discover the method that utilizes non-conscious influence over your audience. This means people won’t be aware that this method is guiding their behavior…

Find out how to alter people’s perception of the world around them. You’ll learn how to mold their perception so that it becomes more conducive to your situation…

♦ Want an eager audience of fans of your content to spread your word? In this report, I’ll show you how to create “Share Triggers.” It’s a psychological technique that will have readers and views eager to send out your content to thousands of other people.

♦  Create content that will make your readers, listeners and watchers thirsty for more of what you have to offer…

♦ Take normal non-persuasive content that you already have lying around on your hard-drive and weave persuasive elements throughout making them powerful pieces of prose that a propaganda minister would be proud of ;-)

♦ Apply the secrets in this report to any content you want: articles, blog posts, podcasts, video, presentations, etc. Anywhere you want people to listen to your message and act on it.

♦ Plus a whole lot more, including how to overcome resistance to your message, developing open-mindedness in your target market, all for…

…an Incredibly Reasonable Price…

How much for this resource, a resource that will take your persuasion skills to a whole new level? Get ready for it. . . Only $7.00. That’s right. Only seven bucks. Less than a few slices of pizza to have at your fingertips some of the most highly coveted, proven persuasion techniques known.

Where are you going to use these powerful patterns in your life?

How to Create Persuasive Sponsored Content Report is a digital download (a PDF ebook). This means it will be available to you in just minutes from now. Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a PayPal page, once you pay you’ll immediately be emailed a download link.

Isn’t it time to turn your plain content into powerful persuasion instruments?

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