NLP Language Patterns for Advertising Electronic Workbook

How to Make Your Marketing Absolutely Irresistible…

After you read this article you will have learned how easy it is to make your ads and websites more compelling, getting your readers excited, and making them eager to do as you ask.

How do you feel about your website’s conversion rate? Do you feel it’s not selling as well as it should? Do you think it should be doing better?

You probably know something about copywriting. Many books, websites, blogs tell you to turn the features of your product (or service) into benefits, write compelling headlines, and all the rest of it. But these days everyone is doing that. Your ad or website gets caught in the clutter, fluff, and sameness. Your website doesn’t stand out from your competition.

Here’s What You Can Do: Change Your Language and Change Your Results…

Experience shows that successful people use specific forms of language to convince and motivate people into action… even when they wouldn’t normally.

And in just minutes from now, you will be able to use these specific language forms that excite people,trigger their emotional responses to get them to act or buy now. You’ll be able to make small changes to your websites that will have readers or listeners saying to themselves, “I WANT THIS! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” 

This is the NLP Language Patterns for Advertising Electronic Workbook. And what it offers you is a way to create powerful and compelling language patterns that get people to agree with you, take the actions you want, and even buy from you.

Here’s what you get:

  • Attract attention in a cluttered world. (Attracting your prospect’s attention is practically half the battle. But if you don’t do this, you won’t be able to sell anything)
  • How to correctly use presuppositions. (These powerful language patterns influence people’s subconscious mind — where the real buying decisions are made. They are a must in today’s advertising. The problem is, many people don’t know how to create them or use them the right way – creating confusion and lost sales.
  • Create credibility - even if you have none! Even if you are just starting out!
  • Create desire. How to turn up the heat so prospective customers practically beg you to take their money!
  • Unlock the power of embedded commands. As most successful advertisers know, the more you use embedded commands in your advertising, the more sales you make. The trick is not to make them obvious. This workbooks shows you how…
  • Get legal testimonials even when you don’t have any…
  • And a whole lot more including Handling Objections, Future Pacing, and Putting Everything Together

People from all over the world use these patterns to get more business.

In short,  just imagine having –at your fingertips– the powerful language spin-doctors, millionaire advertising professionals, famous PR artists, super-successful salespeople, and  politicians use to create their persuasive masterpieces.

I know you would LOVE to make more moneybe more persuasive, and use language moreeloquently too, just like the people I mentioned a few seconds ago. . .and now you can. . .

I would like to help you experience all the benefits of using powerful language.

The NLP Language Patterns for Advertising Electronic Workbook is a small piece of software for Windows and MACs.

You type in some information about your product (or service), and it will pop out correctly formed language patterns you can use in your websites, article, brochures, eBay listings, classified ads…anywhere you need a bit more persuasion.

It’s not available anywhere else at ANY price. And the price of the workbook is only $9.95. That’s less than a month’s supply of food for a pet hamster. I am profiting from using these language patterns in my businesses and so can you.

You might want to click on the button below to order now for only $9.95 through PayPal. You’ll be able to download the workbook and use it just minutes from now.