NLP Special Reports Catalog

Each report is packed with use-it-now details so you can achieve what the title promises meaning you’ll get what you want faster while avoiding most of the pitfalls of all the people who have tried in the past…

● Quick & Easy Catalog Copy. Do you sell a line of products? Do you want to sell more of them? Do you want to upsell? If you answer “YES!” then you need this special report. Get this special report here:

● How to Write Stories that Make Your Products Sell Like Mad.Here’s how you can structure the same types of stories top copywriters use. In the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model of copywriting, stories are perfect for the “Interest” section of the copywriting sequence. If you don’t gain prospects interest, you’ve lost them. Click on this link to put stories into your advertising copy:

● Delicious Food Descriptions. Now have the ability to influence the customers’ decisions towards menu items that generate more profit. If you own a restaurant, catering business, food stall…or…you have dreamed up a food product (or a line of products), you need this report to entice people (especially people with large social and professional networks) to try your offerings! Go here to find out more:

Subliminal Mind Hacks. Do you want the skills to influence others quickly and effortlessly? How great would it be if you could just say a couple of sentences or ask a couple of questions and see the person change right in front of you? Let me tell you. It’s uncanny! Subliminal Mind Hacks is based on solid research and in-depth, hands-on experience. If this sounds useful to you, click on this link:

● Super Sales for App Creators. If you create iPhone or Android apps and want the maximum exposure with maximum sales using a variety of psychological methods, then this Special Report will guide you through the gauntlet of this highly competitive field.

● How to Write Persuasive Letters, Emails and Other Written Correspondence Using Psychological Motivators . Do you sometimes have to write a letter to your Congressperson or MP to convince them to take (or avoid) a course of action? Do you occasionally have to write a letter requesting funds? Or how about an email where you REALLY need someone to follow up?

We all have times where we need to persuade a person—especially a person of influence— to do something in your, your family’s, your company’s or your community’s best interest. I’ve created a special report which helps you do just that. If this sounds useful to you, go to

● Compelling Landing Pages. As you know, most businesses need at least one landing page to create a list of eager subscribers, fans and buyers. Problem is, most people don’t know how to set up an effective landing page or if they do, they are very disappointed with the results. There is plenty of information online about putting up a landing page, but nothing that REALLY shows you how to draw thousands of visitors in and have them enthusiastically sign up to be on your list.

This new guide will show you step-by-step how to use hidden and secret persuasive principles of the most highly converting landing pages that you can put to use right away. Imagine having hundreds (at first) to thousands of people eager to receive your messages from you AND to become loyal customers. If  you need this,  than get this guide today. Here’s the link.

● The Art of Writing Bullets That Sway and Coax. Hey, how would you like the ability to write well-crafted bullet points that not only make your advertising more readable, engaging and attractive, but also help you sell far more than you would without them?

This report is based on years of working with some of the most talented and persuasive people in the advertising world and direct response marketing field. And experience shows that this is the best way to master something as important as “salesmanship in print.”  If this sounds like something you can benefit from, click on the following link to discover more.

● How to Write Persuasive Sponsored Content. I have something special for you that you might find extremely useful—especially if you use, or are thinking about using, content marketing. This special report shows you how to create persuasive sponsored content. You can use this type of powerful content on your website, in articles and blog posts, in videos, or podcasts. As you probably know, one of the best ways to influence and persuade someone is without their realizing it. And using advertorials and sponsored content with persuasion elements weaved throughout is a highly effective way of getting people to follow your call to action without resistance. If this sounds like something you can use in your marketing, click on this link:

● Attentional Bias Report. (AKA “Creating Obsessions in Your Products”) Have you ever saw a product you wanted to have…but you didn’t buy it. Then, for days later, you kept on thinking about the desired object over and over…until your obsession led you to buy it? Did you know you can created that same state in others for YOUR products? Well, you can! If this sounds like something you can choose, click on the link below for more information.

● Super Sales Secrets. How would like to add a few more psychological tools to your persuasion toolbox? I’ve come up with a special report that shows you how to add more influence that will make your message more memorable, create ads where you can actually lie and people will believe you (not recommended though), and get this….if you are an advertising copywriter, you will be able to easily and effortlessly create awesome taglines and slogans that companies will pay great money. Does this sound like something you can use? Then click on this link to find out more:

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