3 Ways to Inspire Loyalty

Brand loyalty for your business

I’m going to give you some information that nobody else is going to get. I think you’re the best person for it because you’re one of my favorite readers. But I need you to keep it to yourself. I don’t want others to find out about it. The above was just one technique to inspire loyalty: making [...]

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Shaping People for Fun & Profit

How to use shaping to change motivations

Have you ever wondered how to change someone on a deep level, maybe getting them to try new behaviors or even breaking their own rules? Well, there is a psychological technique that can get people to believe they are a certain type of person. It’s called “Shaping”. With Shaping you are molding someone into a [...]

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Mind Reading Marketing

In NLP’s Meta-Model, we have a violation called “Mind Reading”. It’s where someone believes they know the thoughts, feelings, intentions or motivations, of another person or persons. Like these: They must think I’m a fool. You wouldn’t understand. They hate me. You know what I’m going through. She should know how I feel. As you [...]

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Plant Post Hypnotic Suggestions in Your Ads

Has this every happened to you? Somebody comes to your website, surf away and not buy anything? Or you’ve tried to convince somebody to take your advice…and they didn’t take it? Or how about when you send an email that definitely needs a reply, and the recipient doesn’t reply? Quite annoying, right? Well, today I’m [...]

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How to Change Someone’s Mind

Discover 5 ways to change someone

How many times in your life have you dealt with someone (like a prospective customer) who refuses keep an open mind or to see the facts? Frustrating, is it not? Well, that doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. With a few NLP techniques and language patterns we can open up a person’s mind [...]

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How to Use Reverse Psychology in Your Advertising

This is a great technique to use with people who don’t like being told what to do (like people who run the Mismatching Meta Program). What is reverse psychology? It’s basically getting a person to do what you want them to do by telling them you don’t want them to do it (or by telling [...]

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How to Easily Create Anticipation in Your Customers

Remember that time in your life when you were a kid and it was Christmas, your birthday, or another major holiday (depending on your culture) and you were anticipating all the great things you were going to receive or do on that day? How would you like to create that anticipation into your customers and [...]

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WARNING: Are Your Frames Causing You to Flop, Flounder and Fail?

Reframe your life to make more sales

When we ponder something, we tend to put a frame of reference around it. These frames construct categories that allow us to form our beliefs, identities, roles, and actions. Unfortunately, these frames can create stuck states and feelings of hopelessness. And many times our frames remain invisible, outside our consciousness.

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Presuppose failure to gain empathy with your prospects

How to empathize with customers

What’s the best way to sell something? Empathy. Empathy is the ability to join someone, and not only see a person’s point of view, but also experience that person’s pain. You go beyond feeling sorry for that person (sympathy). You go deeper, seeking to understand that person’s pain until you are able to feel the [...]

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The Top Ten Questions to Get Your Customers to say “YES” to What You’re Selling

Wouldn’t you like a way to get prospects to agree to what you’re about to tell them? Wouldn’t that be useful? There’s a method you might have heard about in sales called—at various times— “The Yes Momentum”, “The Yes Set”, “The Agreement Slide”……. By establishing a repetitive series of “Yes” responses, you’re more likely to [...]

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