World Leader Mindset

Advanced Brain Entrainment Method That Gives You Astounding Motivation, Ambition, Perseverance, Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Peace of Mind…

Throughout history, world leaders have been known to be supremely confident, highly motivated, ambitious, persistence with strong self esteem, and a unbreakable ego. They were determined to be a leader and get things done. They often forced the world to give them what they wanted. . . .

Have you ever gone through life wishing you had more motivation, more determination, more confidence? Of course you have…we all have at some point in our lives. Trying to accomplish our goals and our dreams we often become disillusioned, demoralized and dismayed. When things got tough, we threw our hands up and quit. If we only had the mindset of high achievers, specifically the leaders: the presidents, the prime ministers, and the CEOs. What would your life be like then?

But thanks to neural reconditioning and brainwave entrainment, you don’t have to be lucky to be born in an environment that fosters that mindset or use sheer willpower to take on the states of successful leaders to achieve what you really want.

Imagine what you can accomplish with a mind-set like that…

We have created a recording (in MP3 format) called World Leader Mindset

Here’s what we did: We knew about the various ways of “training the brain” with beats, suggestions, NLP language patterns, ambient music and sounds, shamanistic rituals, anchoring, and all of that. We did experience quite a lot of positive changes with them: changes in mood, changes in beliefs, changes in behavior. We realized though, that some people–unsurprisingly–did not experience the same results others have when using a single technique…

…so we went on down to “the lab” (my office),  and we created a rich sonic tapestry of the most powerful brain entrainment sounds and suggestions using the mind-set of world leaders.

And here’s what happened: After creating and listening to the audio that you’re about to experience, we immediately felt a pleasant sense of relaxation and euphoria. That’s nice and to be expected. . .

. . .But here’s what surprised us. . .

For me, a few days later, I did feel compelled to make some phone calls that I’d been putting off AND to get to work on a project I had put on the back burner for some time.

Rob was impelled to talk to an attractive stranger…something he wouldn’t normally have ever done. And he has come up with a whole new business plan for himself. Sure, none of this is ground-breaking stuff…BUT…we only listened to the recording just a few times! Wow!

Now, what’s it like when you think about what you can do–what you can accomplish–without the negative emotional garbage holding you back? Imagine how great you will feel when you finally go after–AND GET–what you want.

The World Leader Mindset contains four methods that have been proven to bring about positive change:

1. Brain Entrainment Binaural and Isochronic Beats: Binaural beats stimulate your brain by sending special auditory signals to produce subtle changes in behavior. They also induce well-being, relaxation and enhance your mood.  The World Leader Mindset produces binaural beats at a frequency of 3.9 Hz. This frequency is between the Delta and Theta Brainwave range. It’s associated with Zen meditation, confidence, profound inner peace, the transformation of limiting beliefs, deep wisdom and many other positive aspects.

2. Sub-Audio Commands and Post Hypnotic Suggestions: In this part of the recording I use NLP Language Patterns and embedded commands at a sub-audio level. Some people feel this is more effective than subliminals. What you will hear will sound just about like a whisper.

3. Subliminal Suggestions: Some people swear by them…some people swear at them…some people say they’re just a placebo effect. Personally, I’ve gotten great results with subliminal recordings. However you feel about them, we’ve included a series of subliminal suggestions on this recording. You won’t hear them of course, but they all have to do with motivation, confidence, and persistence. (We’ve included a transcript of these with the recording if you’re interested)

4. Dual Input Suggestions: Often used by Richard Bandler and John Grinder when they were a team, and later used by hypnotists Eric von Sydow and Steve Piccus to help men overcome their shyness. Dual Input has one set of suggestions coming into your right ear and another set of suggestions into your left one. This creates a mild (but pleasant) state of confusion. And even if you reject one suggestion, the other will bypass your conscious mind and head directly into your subconscious mind.

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BONUS: The World Leader Mindset comes with a free report on how you can create your own subliminal/binaural beats MP3s…FOR FREE! You can tailor make them for yourself, the people you know, or your customers and clients. You can sell them as digital downloads or give them away as premiums and bonuses.

You can burn them to CDs and create a whole catalog of interesting and helpful products. The report has a resource center where you can also download and use royalty free music and nature sounds that won’t cost you any money to use in your projects. This report is yours free when you download the World Leader Mindset today.

Here’s the deal: If you really want astounding motivation, confidence, self-esteem and ambition, you need the World Leader Mindset. Your investment in the World Leader Mindset is only $12.95. And you can be listening to it, benefiting from it, and making over your mind in just minutes from now.

So try this amazing recording yourself for thirty days. After that time, if you don’t feel like running for president, climbing Mount Everest, or working out your toughest life challenges, I’ll give you a complete refund–no questions asked.

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