How to Write Persuasive Food Descriptions (Special Report #3)

“Turns Your Menu into a Hypnotic Cash Generator…”

A new Special Report reveals how a “secret society” of psychologists and behaviorists are controlling the eating habits of millions of people…

Do you own a restaurant, café, catering service, or pub? Do you know someone who does…perhaps a family member or friend? Would you be interested in converting those dishes coming out of the kitchen into more money?

How would you like to get more customers, more customer satisfaction, and more customer referrals? Who wouldn’t?

Has this every happened to you? You’re sitting in a restaurant or café, a couple of people show up, take a look at the menu, and then walk away…finding another place to eat. It’s sad. And it’s unnecessary.

It’s no secret that there are restaurants (and chains of restaurants) that are popping up all over the place creating food that is okay, certainly nothing special, and yet are packed with customers…and yes, I’m talking about plenty of hidden places, too. Those exclusive bistros that nobody but a select few know about. So, it’s not only about location (although it helps, no doubt about that).

How Did These Restaurants Get So “Lucky”?

Over the past 20 years or so, a variety of scientists, psychologists and other researchers decided to put their minds together and see if they could persuade restaurant customers to change their eating habits (at least at the restaurants where the customers were dining).

And change they did! Their research was so successful and the restaurant owners made so much more money that many of the researchers became “Restaurant Consultants.” A group of people with closely guarded secrets of food success.

Well, I discovered their secrets and wrote a blog post on it some time ago. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hits that particular post got (and STILL gets) from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I realized that restaurant owners really needed this information, and yet I knew many of them couldn’t afford to hire a restaurant consultant themselves. This is when I created a new Special Report called, “How to Write Persuasive Food Descriptions” (not a terribly exciting name I know, BUT many people across the globe search Google, Yahoo, and Bing for those exact same terms).

Now this special report is available to you.

Once you get a copy of Persuasive Food Descriptions, you can:

  • Write food descriptions that will actually get people to buy more food (This is backed up by scientifically proven methods that the most successful restaurants use)…
  • Create food descriptions that will get your customers’ mouths watering and get them emotionally charged up about ordering (we’ll get their stomachs to convince them)…
  • Get customers to order your more expensive dishes (even when they weren’t planning to spend that much)…
  • Increase profits by 2% to 10% … or more per year, per restaurant business location (It’s been done by hundreds of restaurants around the world using these techniques)…
  • Get famous chefs to help you with your menu descriptions (Use the power and success of their minds to help you write your menu and promote your business.)
  • Know which items to keep, change or delete on your menu (You will sell a whole lot more if you do this.)
  • Introduce great new food products to your restaurant patrons (Actually, the dish would be the same but the names and descriptions will be different…and enticing.)

There’s even a great possibility that your restaurant will become famous – perhaps nationwide, even worldwide…imagine that! Or how about creating a franchise? It’s certainly possible. It’s happened to others, and it could happen to you. All because you used persuasive food descriptions to start. Now, I’m not promising that (as much as I would like to), but I am promising that with the information in this report, you will sell much more.

And how much does this special report cost? With all the information that took researchers millions of dollars to discover (only to be put back in their pockets again…thanks to their success!) Only $7 (just like my other special reports). Yes, only seven dollars which is an investment that could help you (or someone you know) make hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

Just hit the “Buy Now” button below. You’ll be taken to a PayPal page where you can pay with your account, credit card or debit card. You’ll then be emailed a download link where you can download How to Write Persuasive Food Descriptions (in PDF) in just a few minutes from now.