How to Write Persuasive Letters, Emails and Other Written Correspondence Using Psychological Motivators

If I could show you a simple way to influence people in power to see your point of view and take action, would you be interested?

You are about to learn the secrets of the most influential writing techniques there are…

In March of 1940, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to then president Franklin D. Roosevelt warning him of the possibilities of the Nazis creating “extremely powerful bombs…of a new type.” This new type of bomb was of course the atom bomb, and this letter influenced one of the world’s most powerful men who started the arms race and the cold war.

Of course Albert Einstein was world-famous and well respected, but he changed the course of the planet for the next 50 years with this letter. And you are going to learn how to do the same…

What if you had this sort of power at your fingertips? What if you could motivate people in power (presidents, congresspeople, MPs, CEOs, council members, bosses, etc.) to do what you want? …To influence ANYBODY who has the power and the resources that you need to help YOU reach your goals.

Well, now you can! I’ve created a special report that combines a variety of tools and “devices” that can help you create extremely motivated writing that you can use in your letters, emails and other written communications.

There has never been a collection of proven persuasive techniques just for written correspondence. Sure, there’s stuff online and in bookstores on how to persuade people. But much of that is weak, re-hashed material.

I’ve created a special report called, “How to Write Persuasive Letters, Emails and Other Written Correspondence Using Psychological Motivators.”

Here’s what you’ll find in this report:

How to pinpoint your target’s self interest and get them to do what you want (if you don’t do this, your letter will get thrown in the bin or your email will get deleted)

Counter the arguments against what you want so your reader will find it easier to comply.

Linguistic Devices to inspire and propel, to change peoples minds, to change their beliefs. (the greatest orators and writers have used these proven techniques for hundreds of years to get everyone from kings and presidents all the way down to the masses to take action.)

Psychological Motivators that spark and inspire action (these are easy to use, easy to implement in your correspondence for maximum results.)

Frameworks you can use right now (these are fill-in-the-blank templates to get you started right away.)

Examples of real letters that had massive impact on the people who received them.

Worksheets. You can print these out if you’d like as they give real focus to the information you received in this report.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of information you can use today in your letters, emails and correspondence!

The years it took to develop these written persuasion techniques is worth thousands if not millions of dollars worth of testing and tweaking and experimenting. For a limited time only, you can get this special report for only $7. That’s less than the price of a trade paperback.

Imagine finding out that the person you had written to agrees with you and will take the action you want them to take. How great would that feel? THAT is the power of words and the psychological principles behind them. All by using How to Write Persuasive Letters, Emails and Other Written Correspondence Using Psychological Motivators.

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