I have an interesting and useful language pattern for you today. It’s an Ericksonian language pattern that can be used in a variety of ways:

♦ It can presuppose they are going to experience your solution soon…

♦ It can presuppose they will experience a negative state unless they do as you say…

♦  It can presuppose they are going to have a problem that your product can help prevent or solve…

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When we apply NLP in therapeutic interventions, and after we use a “technique” (Swish, Anchoring, etc.), we often add–as the last few steps–a Test and a Future Pace.

With a test, we bring back the triggering behavior or thought and see if what we did works. For example, if we are using the Visual Squash technique (where we combine two emotional states to mellow out a negative state brought on by some internal or external incident), we would test by bringing back the stimuli and see if we created change.

If that goes well, we then put our subject into the near future to see if he or she is affected by the stimuli anymore. That’s a future pace.

In sales, we tend to do the opposite by future pacing all the benefits the customer will receive and then test by asking for the order/payment.

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Here’s a language pattern that is useful if you are just starting out in a business, you have a new product you would like to market, or you would just like to add more force to your advertising, presentations, or sales pitch.

As you probably know, from Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion that two of the six of the most powerful ways to influence someone is using authority and social proof.

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Chunking Up, Down and Sideways to Make Your Message More Persuasive

In NLP we have something called “Meta Programs.” These are filters that determine how you perceive the world around you. They have a major influence on how you communicate with others and how you behave. There are many types of Meta Programs (about sixty), but some are more powerful than others. The one I like [...]

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Assumptive openings to get the sales ball snowballing

How would you like people to accept a statement from you more readily? Obviously, you do because you’re studying language patterns and you are the type of person who wants to increase the quality of your life. This pattern is called the “Assumptive Opening” because you start off using an adverb that implies agreement… then [...]

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The Illusions of Choice technique

I’d like to show you what some people consider one of the most powerful persuasion techniques. In Ericksonian hypnosis we have a language pattern called Double Binds that are statements that offer two or more choices that are in fact the same choice (“You may want to go into a trance now or in the [...]

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Truisms about Sensations

I’m going to show you a powerful way to link emotions to outcomes so you can achieve your outcomes with the people you deal with. It’s a sort of elegant way of pacing and leading with your words. You can take certain–usually positive–universal emotional states and link them to what you want your readers/listeners to [...]

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The Recency Effect in Direct Respose Advertising

In an earlier post, I showed you the importance of the Primacy Effect in advertising. Utilizing the Primacy Effect is an important method of making a great first impression, especially with your words. Of course you need to make a great first impression AND you need to make that impression last. Otherwise, you’ll lose your [...]

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Create Cravings with This Language Pattern for Sales

How much more successful would you be if you were able to create a craving for your products, services, or ideas? Sure, it’s quite easy to create a desire for your product. All you have to do is make a big promise, offer some more benefits, add some proof, and show how you are more [...]

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3 Ways to Inspire Loyalty

Brand loyalty for your business

I’m going to give you some information that nobody else is going to get. I think you’re the best person for it because you’re one of my favorite readers. But I need you to keep it to yourself. I don’t want others to find out about it. The above was just one technique to inspire loyalty: making [...]

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