On this blog and in my ebooks and newsletters I constantly tell you that appealing to a person’s identity—of who they are, who they want to be, or who they don’t want to be—is one of the strongest ways to persuade someone.

If you are having difficulty persuading people to buy from you, take your advice, or convincing a person of something, you should make an appeal to their identity.

There are numerous ways to do this of course, and I’d like to show you one way today. I have a language pattern for you that quickly appeals to your target’s identity.

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WARNING: Remove any distractions before you read this post. It’s that IMPORTANT…

With smartphone use increasing around the world,  major search engines are placing much more importance on mobile site optimization. With that in mind, we need to create ads that still grab attention, hold it,  and get people to take action. We just have to go about it differently in some ways.

Copywriting for the mobile market is the same as in any situation where you only have a split second to capture someone’s limited attention span AND avoid “ad blindness” (Ad blindness is where people are so used to seeing advertising that they totally ignore it). We need to engage your prospects’ attention through their life’s and their phone’s countless distractions (and your competition).

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Picture for a moment what it would be like if visitors didn’t leave your website soon after they arrived… or people didn’t throw away your brochures, sales letters, flyers or other marketing materials straight into the rubbish. Imagine how you’d feel if you were actually able to transmute their laziness and indifference and transform them into eager buyers.

Just picture how successful you would become. Can you feel that? The good news is that dreaming about getting all those prospective customers isn’t just a fantasy – it CAN happen. Listen, all you have to do to avoid losing prospective customers is to bypass their “NO” or “MAYBE” circuits in their minds…and tap into their “YES! motivation circuits.” Here’s how…

If you are any sort of business owner from smartphone app developer, a restaurant owner, or a freelance copywriter who wants an edge on all your competition out there, I have a special treat for you: I’ve integrated the secrets of the great, seasoned copywriters along with the latest cutting edge persuasion technologies into special reports that you can use in your business today to get more paying clients and customers. The results that these reports can get you are amazing.
It’s easy to convert prospects into paying customers – once you know how…You may want to click on this link to find out more.

Let’s take customers through time to reach YOUR compelling outcome

You’re going to love this next language pattern. You’ll find a plenty of uses in your business, personal life and advertisements. What would happen if we could take the people we communicate with through a journey through time? We will put them in a light conversational trance and put them through emotional states that you’d [...]

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Here’s Scientific Proof You Need Proof in Your Advertising.

I came across an article in the Tech Insider the other day that I thought you might find interesting. Its title is “How to convince people of something”. As you know, offering proof in your sales messages is vitally important, especially if you are making bold claims. This article states that even adding scientific babble [...]

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Getting People to Use Their Imagination to Get What YOU Want

If you’re trying to influence people, it’s usually a good idea to know their preferred representational system (VAKOG). For example, auto mechanics and musicians tend to be more auditory. Chiropractors are often more kinesthetically oriented. And to step up the persuasion on these preferred representational systems, you would change their submodalities of their inner movies [...]

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Moving People in the Direction of Your Outcome

Here’s a language pattern that covertly introduces your desired outcome favorably to the reader or listener. It usually gets them to agree with what you want, whether it’s a belief you want them to take on, an action you want them to take, or an idea you want to plant in their minds. THIS IS [...]

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Overcoming Customer Inertia

Overcoming Customer Inertia (one way) from LouLarsen

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Using “What if…” Questions in Your Advertising

Questioning techniques in sales and advertising

How would you like a pattern that copywriters use very successfully (and very successful A-List Copywriters use it all the time? It’s an excellent pattern in that it gets the prospects’ imaginations working, it can counter their objections, and get them more motivated to buy. I have a client in New York City. He’s a [...]

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Don’t Even Think of Putting up Landing Page Advertising Until You Read This…

Picture just what your life would be like if you had thousands of subscribers on your mailing list. You know it’s possible, because you’ve heard about so many others doing it. And yet every time you try, you barely get a few hundred…if that many. Pretty soon you’re thinking that maybe it’s just not possible [...]

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