The Art of Writing Bullet Points That Sway and Coax

For business owners who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their own advertising…and yet can’t figure out what’s missing…

“Lou’s special report on advertising bullets is a gem that puts the most persuasive language and effective ad-writing techniques into your hands to sell pretty much anything (and more of it) that you want.”

Books written by professional copywriters, almost as a rule, give away very few of their “inside secrets.” Tricks to turn up the emotions in a prospect, little secrets they may have learned from their mentors to sell more, that something special which devastates old advertising controls and becomes the new best-seller for years to come. That touch which makes all the difference between an okay marketing document and something special. These won’t appear in any book or online article.

That’s why this new special report, “The Art of Writing Bullet Points That Sway and Coax: Copywriting Bullets That Hit The Target and Get People to Do Whatever You Want” is no ordinary ebook. And the information contained inside is no ordinary information.

With this special report, a person can discover:

✔ Why you should never write a single bullet without thinking about your customers’ secret desires. (We all have ‘em, but we don’t want anybody else to know about our secret wants and cravings. Here’s how you can appeal to these hidden desires.)

✔ A powerful copywriting technique that contributed to Marty Edelston’s being able to  build a $100-million-dollar-a-year business (Boardroom Reports). And yes, it has to do with a special type of bullet. (You’ll be able to knock out a half a dozen of them in no time at all—for any product or service…once you learn the secret.)

✔ Just starting out in your business? Have a new product you want to unleash on the public, but have no exposure, no credibility? Here’s how to use “Parallel Logic” to make people feel confident in buying your product.

✔ A massive list of bullet formats you can use right away…like today…to get your customers’ hearts racing to grab hold of your product as soon as they can.

✔ A collection of bullet templates that master A-List copywriters always refer to when they write their hard-hitting, successful ad copy and next control.

✔ A number of bullet templates that use very persuasive hypnotic language to push readers over the edge. (Read a few of these and your head will spin! They’re that great!)

✔ A list of bullet templates that will get people to convince themselves they are ready to buy your product (You are actually putting words in their mouths…or minds actually.)

As you can see, the above list will be incredibly useful to you…as it has been to the “secret society” of copywriters who have kept them well-hidden, under wraps.

The decades it took advertising copywriters, creative directors and direct marketers to come up with the ultimate list of convincing bullet point “tricks” makes this information priceless to some (and actually might piss a few copywriters off).

But small businesses need this information, as well as one-man/ one-woman operations who need an edge. The sooner you get this info into your hands, the sooner you will prosper. And this special report will only cost you $7.00. That’s seven U.S. dollars. That’s it. You’ll be able to read the report in just minutes from now.

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